2012 — Turning things up-side-down!

Jan 22, 2013

I wanted to do a recap of 2012 for personal reasons. 2011 wasn't the best of my now 31 years and 2012 has defiently had it´s up´s and down´s — I believe that reflection is a good tool for growing stronger as a person, that making promises and expectations to one self can be a great motivation, and what better way to do this than to put something in writting that you can actually reflect on at a later time.

So I created this post, drafted it quite a few times by only re-writing the title ... I never really done this stuff before and I wasn't really sure how to get started, finally I figured that I would list the good´s and bad´s from the past year to get a better idea of where to put in some extra attention for the year to come — so here goes the good, the bad and the next things to come!

What went well

Breaking up and moving to Copenhagen

This might sound like a bad point to some, but for me this had been a long time coming, and when it finally happened it felt quite relieving. Breaking up was, when it was finally beeing said out loud, a thing that we agreed on and for me this has defiently been the better solution!

We eventually rented the house out and I spend the best part of the next 3 months on couches at friends and colleges — Finally I got my own apartment in Copenhagen in september.

I have to be honest, I still haven´t gotten this living on my own 100% down — but when thinking about it I´ve also gone from beeing in a serious relationship, living in a big house almost on the country-side, I had a car, a garden, two cats and a girlfriend of cause, to become single and move fare away from it all and started living alone in an apartment in the city — This has been quite a change for me, but I haven´t looked back with regrets for a second!

I should probably add to this, that we are still friends and actually can communicate without ripping each others heads off, which I feel very fortunate for!

The last 3 days There ya go! 140m2 into 9m3 - Easy :) A new home A new home!


By moving away from the little town and the relationship, I automatically started feeding my social life (in other ways than before) — actually I've been really bad at keeping in touch with my friends the last few years, sorry guys, but by moving and getting on my own I started picking up the pieces, got in contact with some old friends and started making new ones.

I want to throw some love at my friends Sam, Simon & Ingeborg for your great support, for letting me stay and be a part of your lives for weeks and months even — You are the greatest and I feel I owe you big time!

Now that I live in the same city as I work and the fact that I´m now able to go to the office every day, I´ve also come a lot closer to my colleges. It´s been a huge comfort for me that I actually knew people here before moving, and now that I´m finally here it feels great to also get to know them on a more personal level.

Bad asses! Thank you for helping with the move. Morten ... Proud! Så ved vi at det bliver godt! The Swedes


I´ve gone from working from a home office, commuting from one end of the country to the other, to start having a more 9to5-ish working day (eventhough that´s rearly the case) — but more important, I now have an actual office to go to!

The commuting has been a fun and new thing for me to try! Working from home was slowly killing me at the end, but then again I have also been siting, more or less, by myself for the best part of two years now! It was time for a change and I really like the outcome.

On a more professional level, 2012 was the year that miinto got VC funded, which has led to a crazy expansion frenzy — more than 80 new employees has come to the miinto family, we´ve opened 4 new markets, closed one again, and are ready to push on for much more to come!

Crowded in the tech department today! 1) Hard work! @tobiasberg_ got new toy today! Techstage @ modeblogprisen 2012


2012 has not been the best year when it comes to traveling, but a few things did turn out quite nice!

In February I went on a skiing vacation to Sweden with my brother, his girlfriend and her family. The last time I was on skiing vacation was back in 2008, where I had quite an accident — before that I used to go almost every year, so it feelt really great to get going again and I really hope to pickup the tradition.

Winter 2012 Winter 2012 Winter 2012 Winter 2012

My brother moved to Norway this year as well, and obviously I wanted to come visit him — I made it up there 3 times in 2012, which could have probably been more, but it was 3 super good times. In May we went on an extended weekend trip "into the wild" of the Norwegian mountains. We had an amazing time there with hiking, bonfires and nights under the clear skies — It was a trip we won´t forget anytime soon!

Norway 2012 Norway 2012 Norway 2012 Norway 2012

2012 gave way for a few more trips to Sweden. In the summer I met the amazing Nanny Pehrsson and her friends from Stockholm. We ended up spending the last 5 months of 2012 getting pretty close — eventually we agreed to "break it off" and continue as friends.

This was actually my first realy long-distance relationship ... damn that shit it tough! It was an amazing time though, we had our adventures, laughs, frustrations and tears — but in the end I believe that we did the right thing by not going further. This relationship has actually been quite an eye-opener for me. Few people have I met that has been this open about their person and feelings and it helped me start thinking about my own personality, believes, needs and feelings ... definently some stuff to work with there — Thank you Nanny, for being the awesome woman you are!

The spontaneous Nanny Remember to say it all out loud!

What did not go that well and expectations for 2013

The love & personal growth

This story you already know by now, and actually everything seemed to end out pretty OK in the end — But no doubt, 2012 has been quite a roller coaster when it comes to love.

Guess you can´t really plan for this kinda stuff? Anyways, what I have learned from this is to be a big deal more true to my feelings, for my own sake and for others as well. I guess I´ve been too comfortable in releationships in the past ... who doesn´t like to wake up beside a beautiful girl? But obviously that´s fare from enough. I´ve been in relationships for most of the past 10 year and haven´t really spend that much time on figuring out who I am on a personal level. I know this is an old tune and a life-long quest, but I don´t suppose it matter to stay alert and keep it in mind — In 2013 I should start working on getting more in touch with my self!

To little traveling

I simply LOVE traveling! And looking back at 2012 I really miss "the big adventureish trip" — A summer holiday where I would have gone to another country, indulged in another culture and not to forget, relaxed in the sun!

The trips to Sweden was new and exiting, obviously — but actually I´ve never been to Stockholm before and I quite like that city. In 2013 I need to go abroard for real and not only with work or for visiting my brother in Norway.

Not enough exercise

I actually did start running (again) at one point this summer, but it never really became a habbit and once the cold kicked in it totally died :|

I have to remember that I have a pretty "pasive" job — I sit down most of the day and the time spend outside mostly consists of getting to and from work. In 2013 I need to get more exercise — I used to winsurf a while back and I´ve found out that there´s a surf club on the beach nearby, I should definitely go check that out!

On a nother note ... I should probably stop drinking that much coffee as I do ... nahhhh o_O

Soo, there you have it — pretty unfiltered and it feels good to get it out! Now it´s time to get down and dirty, time to fail, time to learn ... basically time to live!


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