2013 — Staying in the game!

Mar 10, 2014

Last year I tried writing a recap post for the first time, not really knowing if I would get anything out of it or if I was just waisting my time — Turnes out I wasn´t waisting my time at all!

I know I haven´t written that many posts this year, but that 2012 recap post I must have read a minimum of 20 times throughout that year!

The thing is I really tried to be honest in that post, honest about my wins but more important my personally failures — By having written them down It´s been so much easier to go back and check to see if I was still on track. Sounds like I´ve been way out there, I know, that was not really the case … but really, why wouldn´t you want to make sure that you keep moving, that you evolve and grow as a human?

So this year I´ve decided to do the same thing again (a little late, I know), and so without anymore rambling — Here is the good, the bad and the next thing to come, looking back at 2013!

What went well?

I´m in love again!

Last years recap contain quite a lot about lost love — This year I´ve taken revenge and thrown my self right back into being in love again :D

Last year I wrote:

... what I have learned from this is to be a big deal more true to my feelings, for my own sake and for others as well.

I´ve actually taken this pretty serious, it´s been giving me many sleepless nights, thinking about it — was I moving to fast, was this really just a rebound etc. etc. Seems pretty serious though, feels great and more important — It feels real! Starting november this year I moved togehter with this lovely girlfriend Maja Wikke — She came with an ugly, yet super charming, dog. His name is (Fat) Loui and we are now bestest friends :)

Så fik hun endelig den cykel ... Og jeg nyder det allerede #happy #girl #boy #christianiabike Den evigt og altid smukke Loui #pug #mops #fatloui #uglyloui #lovelyloui

I went traveling again

2013 started of with a great skiing vacation together with my brother, his girlfriend and her familie. We went to Sweden again and the trip was nothing short of the one we had last year. This year we both had a day on good old fashion skies (yes, we normally snowboard) — I think I counted 13 years back since I´ve last tried that; still rocking it, and we had a super fun time!

Tried something new today ... Skies for the first time in over 10 years, and I loved it! #sweden #skies #twintip Winter 2013 Winter 2013

Jumping forward a few months — By June I really got to experience an adventure again! Together with Maja and her sister, we went on a 2 week vacation to the mysterious and super hot Morocco!

Morocco 2013 Agadir #agadir #morocco #sunset #nofilter Paradise Valley

This vacation was such a big thing this year and a big miss back in 2012, so yet another ✓ made on the list of things I really wanted to do more of.

Morocco 2013 Morocco 2013 Morocco 2013

I´ve gotten more active

In general 2013 has been a more active year for me. Apart from the skiien vacation in february and a liiiiiitle bit of running in the beginning of the summer, this year I bought a new (used) bike which helped getting a little more active on a daily basis — But best of all I´ve started going to the gym twice a week again, wow I´ve missed the energy that gives you, I love it!

In 2013 I finally got to try out Kite Surfing as well, a thing I´ve been wanted to try for quite a few years now ... Apart from the fact that I definitely have to try that again, I need to add Damn, those Kites are intimidating! I went on a two man course together with my colleague Konrad Kierklo two times, and by the end of our second trip I actually managed to surf about 20 meters :P

Kite surfing round 2 #kite #surfing #lynæs upload

Becoming more active has also been on my agenda as a point to work on this year, and not only does it feel good to know that I´ve actually done something about it, eventhough I did not manage to become a member of the local surfclub, I do feel more energized and in general more healthy.

What did not go well?

I could mention a lot more positive examples and even minor vacations and traveling stories, but I want to get some the bad out as well — After all these are the things one should want to work on right ...

Absolutely toughest year at work!

Well, 2013 wasn´t all sunshine, specially when it comes to work — 2013 has definitely been the toughest year in my relatively short career.

As you might have read on TechCrunch, miinto received $6M in a Series A Round back in 2012? Well, seems like money isn´t always the best tool for success, at least not if you´re not 100% ready for it!

It all started to go bad by the time of march 2013. We had spend a ton of money on expanding (as was the plan), but unfortunately wasn´t really undertaking the markets chosen, and when the time was up for a Series B round miinto didn´t get its share — Eventually we needed to close down the branches in both IE and UK. This move immediately scared of a few people and others now realized that they would not be able to evolve as fast and necessary in the direction as they would like, and eventually this bunch left the company as well. The whole situation didn´t get much better when we launched miinto in Spain in april, just after having closed down two others!

When miinto was at it highest we had hired more than 80 new people in the various countries, in the tech department alone we were at about 13 people and by the end of the year this number were down to about half!

Crowded in the tech department today! Random facts when meeting in early ... It's quiet AND you get the good display! Yay!

Things settled down though and miinto continues to operate in DK, NO, SE, NL and ES. By the end of the year we hired a new CTO and with the remaining "members of the family" being quite steady and still in good mood, 2014 seems to look a lot better for all — But what a roller coaster that was to get there!

Friends and family

To be honest I had to take a close look in my calendar in order to figure out how much (or less, I should say) I´ve been with my old friends and family this year — Except for birthdays and a few holidays, I haven´t really been "home" that much ... Luckily for me, both my parent, brother and sister has been around my place a few times, which I have really enjoyed :)

I should really get better at returning that favor next year!


I´ve once again been reminded that things has a way of getting sorted out — Not that I´ve just kicked back and waited, but even when the situation does not look all that great, one usually come out quite alright in the end (I´m mostly thinking about my working situation, but this could be applied to various episode I guess).

This year I did try to get rid of one of the bad habits — Me being a smoker! Sadly it only lasted about 2 months — I tried and can´t help feeling a little defeat, I will do a better job next time!

I still have a lot to lean about my limits, boundaries and habits ...


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