2014 — Moving fast, going nowhere!

Mar 1, 2015

As this is the third time I try to write a recap-post for the past year, I suppose I could call it a tradition now ...

The TL;DR version for the year 2014 would sound something like; me still being together with the beautiful and charming Maja, we ended up moving 2 times this year, I've now been working at miinto for 5 years, my brother had baby-girl Minna and I'm still feeling young and acting like a child :P

But as usual I want to go through the main events for the past year — So here we go!

Sold the house!

After about 2,5 years of not actually living in the house I've finally closed a deal! The house was on the market just under 6 months and was sold with a minimum loss — but the win of finally getting it out of mind made it all worth it :)

Most likely the last images from that chapter ...

2 x moving ...

This year was even more about housing and moving in particular. 2 times we ended up moving in 2014 — But in the end I actually believe that we've now found a place that will last a while longer, that we've found a place we want to call home :)

Not sure why we move further and further away from work, but this is apparently the case ... first there was Kastrupvej (my first flat in Copenhagen) which was only 5 min. away from work on bike. From there we moved to Ørestaden, now approx. 30 min. by bus — This was the first move in 2014, a really nice, big and fancy apartment. We had a ton of space and best of all — the balcony which we missed so much in the first apartment! We've spend hours and hours on that thing but in the end we came to the conclusion that Ørestaden wasn't the right place for us anyways.

Instead we've now moved even further away from center and has settled down in Dragør, about 12-15 km (45 min. by bus) away from work. This place is quite different from what I've ever expected to go for when first arriving to Copenhagen. Dragør is a small and cozy city, with old timbered buildings, cobbled streets and an atmospheric harbor. We've arrived here, probably at the worst time of the year, wintertime, but still we find it super cozy — I just can't wait to experience and explore this place in the summer time!

Flytning veloverstået .. Så skal der bare samles og sættes på plads #movingday #jobdone #skyggehykke med @majawikke


#sunny walk in #dragør with @majawikke and family

Summer road-trippin' in DK

Initially we had an idea about visiting the US this year, but with all the moving around we ended up "just" roadtripping about in Denmark. Luckily for us my parents was flying out of the country this summer, and as so we had the chance to borrow their car :) We headed north and got to visit Maja's mother for a while. Next we drove of for Århus where we spend a few days with a couple we know — Never really thought about it, but they've got quite a lot of water surrounding that city. We spend a lot of time on the different beaches, had dinner on the harbour and cozy barbecues in the garden at our friends new place.

After a little week in Århus we headed further north and went to visit my brother and his girlfriend, who had bought a house last year. We had a "traditionally family-garden-work-day" at their place and spend the next few days hanging out and having a great time ... All-in-all I didn't really miss that out of country vacation I'm always looking forward to. This trip was something different, something new. We got to spend a lot of time with friends and family which felt really good!

Nordjylland er destinationen, forruden fuld af insekter og sol lige i skærmen #summer #roadtrip #2014

It's been a great week! Roadtrippin' and meet-up with friends and family #summer #in #denmark #2014 #vacation

At some point, just before the vacation really started I think, we got the chance to watch what apparently was the very last Speedway Granprix to be held in Copenhagen "Parken" — The atmosphere was great and we had a blast at the arena!

Speedway i Parken #danish #speedway #gp #parken #nielschristianiversen #wewon #goodtimes We were ready for some #speedway

Work-, work-, work-life

I've now been working 5 years at miinto! Yeah, 5 years ... still often feels like we've just really started last year — but a lot has happened in those years, both good and bad. This year, however, more good stuff seems to has happened than bad :)

In generel I think we've come to a more professional arrangement (now mostly thinking about the department I'm in) — management has changed, long-time colleagues has moved on, but luckily just as good once has arrived to fill the space. We're pushing on to really get into the whole scrum way of working, but best of all — We're finding time to refactor more and more of those old dirty bugs that every system has!

Beside that, the two main events at work this year, most certainly must be out 5 year anniversary party and the fact that the whole tech department went to spain for a week!

Miinto 5 Year Birthday #miinto #birthday #wemadefire You just can't help loving this place #ibiza #miintoworldmeeting2014

Yup finally tech went to spain! Actually it was't all beers and pool (although I don't really have any pictures to support that claim) — Actually we wen't there to do a kick-off event at Jesper Buch's place. We had a ton of great ideas and improvements to the site that we all would like to make, so this week was spend brain-storming, planing and initialising some great technical transitions to the entire platform ... Nope, we didn't 100% make the deadline, but we eventually pulled through with the plan, which I personally believe have made the whole shopping experience a lot better already!

In the end ...

The last few times I've been writing these kinda posts, I've usually included a long rand about thinks that I would like to do better, looking back at the past year.

This year I don't really have that ever returning guilt about not really visiting the old folks and friends — Besides a lot of family-/quality-time spend in the summer doing our road-trip, I've been together with both friends and family more on/off than the last few years.

I could also mention that I'm still smoking, not quite as active as I should be, but that would start sounding like copy/paste ... Nahhh, in general I'm looking back at 2014 with a pretty good feeling — I really enjoyed that year!


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