miinto.ie launched!

May 10, 2012

miinto.ie is finally a reality — this takes miinto live in 6 countries!


Wow this is strange ... I´ve mixed feelings right now, not that the launch did not go well — but this was the first launch where I was actually not the one pushing the big red launch-button!

Things got a little hectic towards the end, as the usually do, but I love this part; Everyone is kinda panicing and doing everything possible to make sure that all the final touches are beeing made — and they always does :)

However, this time I had to leave just within the final few hours of the lauch-panic. I´m had to to to Copenhagen today and had to leave in order to reach my flight ... or so I though. As it tunes out, my flight was 2 hours delayed and all I could do was just hang around while all the magic was happening in cyberspace (siiigh).

Anyways — We are live in Ireland now, how great is that! Lots of high-five and love to the team in Ireland, you are going to do great, I know it!

The team in Ireland


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