Moving to Copenhagen!

Aug 17, 2012

There ya go! 140m2 into 9m3 - Easy :)

Soo ... I guess it has been a long time coming, but now it has finaly been decided — I´m moving to Copenhagen!

I´ve been thinking alot about moving to Copenhagen the last year or so — Actually every since miinto moved it´s office there back in 2009/2010, my colleagues have been "pushing" me to get moving — Well guys and girls, now I´m doing it and I´m looking freaking forward to it :)

The move!

As you may or may not know, I´ve been living just outside Aalborg, in the northern part of Denmark, all of my life ... Here I had a lovely house where I´ve spend the last 3+ years with my (now ex) girlfriend. Being one of those "modern couple" we eventually found out that things weren´t going to work out between us — still we decided to keep the house as this is not the best days for selling ... So we listed it for rent, and so it was for three months! Best as we where really starting to loose it, we where contacted by what semed to be the perfect person to rent out to — Only thing was, she would really like it if she could move in within the next 14 days!

Holy shit! Lots of thoughts went through my mind, could we get out in time (you can really stock up a shit load of things in a 140m2 house) and for some reason you tend to always have some unfinished projects around a house! Where should we put our stuff and obviously — Where should put our selves?!

We took a deep breath and agreed that it could be done — And it could! Quickly we rented a storage room and started to get rid of a looooot of things that we haven´t used for a ages or simply wanted to change for a long time anyways ... and before we knew it, we had pilled up all we owned into a 9m3 room.

We parted ways and the last 3 days I spend practially living on a FatBoy :)

Getting a new home — Network is awesome!

Obviously I now needed to find a new places to live, and since the whole moving out had to happen so fast, I didn´t really have time to get into this — First thing I did was to make a shoutout to my Facebook network, saying that I needed a place to live, starting 1/7-12.

Amazingly, within minutes after people started to react, even people that I have never met face to face, but just knew from projects I´ve been working on or in other ways had come across in my life. I got a few pointers and if I could have been in Copenhagen by the next day, I would have probably had a new home by then — This was a great feeling!

But I couldn´t make it that fast. In stead I ended up borring an old friends coutch for a couple of weeks, another two weeks at a two colleguas of mine — and right now I´m live on a air mattress, and will be for the whole month of august, at my really good friend Simon Quintal´s place.

The first two weeks I spend literally hitting "Refresh" on every homepage I could find with apartments for rent. Eventually I succeeded in getting a showcasing opportunity, and believe it or not, the people renting out the apartment where actually moving back to the very same town that I just moved from — Furthermore it turned out that we had several mutual friends, and as it didn´t take me long to make up my mind about the apartment, I spend most of the showcasing chatting about the good old times ... and as the image below shows — I got the deal :)

Now I just have to sleep on a coutch for another 2 weeks — This seems like a total reset for me, I´m sooo excited ... and so fare, it´s been all worth it!

A new home


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