About Simon Jensen

Jun 26, 2011

Right, the about-page — This is where I try to explain why you are here ... and a bit about myself

You might have read a post or two of mine by now, you might have read a more technical one or you might have read a more personal one — Confused? Thinking what's this blog really all about?

Yes, it's tricky to find the theme, I know. The thing is that I've had the blog up and running since 2006, when I first really started to get into the whole web development scene. Back then the case was more of a self-educational purpose — I wanted to learn how to develop a blog.

The blog has been through quite a few iterations, total re-writes, though various frameworks (homemade as well as open-sources), different hosting providers, as well as infrastructural changes, through out time — It's actually a really cool experience and history to have been through; I can seriously recommend you to try it out, if you are, or want, into this kind of thing.

Today I'm more than capable of developing and hosting a blog, but as you probably know, the web is in constant movement, new technologies, frameworks, development-methods, (cloud) providers and -tools are popping up, more or less, every week. So this is very much still the point of this blog — A place where I have full control and space to experiment with various technologies. The place when I try to keep up with the next big things.

On occasions it happen that I actually write something here as well, be it and idea or a tip that I've found particular useful or it might be a more personal note — I hope you can use at least some of it. Oh yes, and feel free to leave a comment now and then :)

Woking-life ...

Ouch, that sounded serious! Well, I am taking it serious, but I have a hell of a great time doing so :)

I've had the pleasure of getting involved in the world of online shopping, captured by the domain of miinto.com. This started out as a personal project, back in 2009, founded by my two colleagues Konrad Kierklo and Mike Radoor. The idea was quickly backed and funded by the successful businessmen and investors Carsten Mikkelsen and Jesper Buch. A lot has happened since then and at the moment we are up and running in 7 different countries!

Ever since I graduated computer science, back in november 2007, I've been working with web development. First I tried my fingers in the advertising world where I was working as a web developer for a local agency. Here I worked on internal tools and custom solutions that we could use to help our clients with whatever task they needed. It was at this place that I was introduced to the miinto-concept for the first time — Actually miinto approached us as a client and I started working on the first draft together with a colleague. The assignment quickly grew in both complexity and time spend, but I really loved the idea and the challenges it gave me — Eventually I ended up joined miinto full time around september 2009, right around the time things was starting to get organized (the company's age taken into account).

Since then It's been a roller-coaster ride with miinto. Ha! I would actually say that we've been through the entire theme park through out the years — From various CEO's, CFO's and CTO's (I have even had this position at one point), getting founded millions and millions, having expanded (also a bit to fast) to having to close down a few markets. I've seen more people come and go than I can even remember — But it's been a blast!

Through my time at miinto, I found that I grew more and more fund of provisioning and stabilising the individual services, rather than the initial implementation of them. This eventually let to my leaving the 8+ year adventure. I´ve now teamed up with an old colleague + a team of like-minded automation-geeks, using my start-up experiences in the field of DevOps consultancy — We call our new adventure efio.dk!

Also a human ...

The blog header say DevOps consultant ... but that is just a tease. I like to think of my self as as just a liiiiiittle more complicated — some might disagree, but I actually do have other interests in life beside sitting in front of my computer.

I like nature and the outdoor, taking pictures, listening to music, snowboarding and obviously to have a good time with my friends and colleagues. I have a huge crush on coffee and even more on traveling!

While I do have a degree in computer science I've just recently "learned" to enjoy the occasionally reading a book. I tend to get my daily brain-food by follow a few hand-picked feeds, which usually gives me a few inputs when traveling to and from work.

I've lived most of my life in the northern part of Denmark, but moved to Copenhagen in 2012 — And I don't see my self going back north any time soon.


  • Born 1981 in the northern part of Denmark.
  • I'm son of two teachers, who where both employed at the school I attended as a child (yeah, tough childhood :p)
  • I now live in Copenhagen but one of my big dreams is to find a job in another country (warmer than here) and use at least a few years living and working there.
  • Always been a fan of extreme sport, which through time has been both skate- and show-boarding, wind-surfing, water-skiing and a single sky-dive (which I have to try again some day)!
  • My fist computer was a Commodore 64 with TurboLoader and external Disk-drive, next-up was a PC with a staggering 33 MHz and 8MB of RAM! (Still remember the christmas I got a sound card and speakers, ohhh yes!).
  • My first homepage was hosted on Geocities and had a homemade banner that read "WAREZ" with flaming letters and had a nice Photoshop flare-effect in the back, haha :p
  • I spend ~5 year on my computer science degree, but most everything I know about web development is self-taught.
  • You can also find me here: